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A bridge of trust and opportunities


An ocean-based Nordic nation within a full-scale microcosmos economy that is a global leader in Aquaculture & Marine based industries as well as innovative and inspiring in other tech and business areas.


What makes the Faroe-Islands so special

The Nordic ocean water around the Faroe Islands are amongst the cleanest on the planet.  

Cold currents flow to the Faroe Islands from the Arctic to the north and warmer waters come with the Gulf stream from the Gulf of Mexico to the southwest. When these currents merge, they create oceanic water circulations, a phenomena known as a Thermohaline Pump.

With open waters on all sides, there is nothing to deter or slow down these currents.

They are rich in nutrients and have a stable temperature.

The powerful currents around the Faroe Islands create dynamic and highly productive ecosystems - a marine environment that is unlike any other.

Our Vision

A long lasting holding company and a venture creation firm, mutually held and operated by Faroese and Israelis who believes in win-win strategies on the bridge between the Faroese and the Israeli tech and business eco-systems 

Azrieli Towers

Ein maður er ein maður, og eitt orð er eitt orð !

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Our Services


Advisory Board

Business Leaders & Influencers

Govermental Support

National Leaders. Backwind Force. Empowerment

In Cooperation with the Leading Innovation Institutes

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